The National Rural Education Technology Summit 2.0 begins with a welcome video message from Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, and live online greetings from John White, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Rural Outreach at the U.S. Department of Education.

Get to College!

Rural teens are the least likely to enroll in post secondary education, but with funding from an Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant and the Niswonger Foundation, Northeast Tennessee College and Career Ready Consortium is using technology to reach teens in 15 school districts.

Bringing the Smithsonian to You

How would you like to have the ability to interact with Smithsonian experts and access to additional resources in your classroom? What about collecting data for ongoing science investigations in partnership with Smithsonian researchers and other schools around the world? Smithsonian resources are available to teachers and students no matter where you are located. This program will feature some of the exciting new initiatives of the Shout environmental education program (shoutlearning.org), including online conferences, citizen science projects and opportunities to earn digital badges in recognition of engaging more deeply with Smithsonian experts, activities and resources.

(Student Classroom Participation in this session is Encouraged!)

Ready, Set, Robot GO!

What does a calculator have to do with controlling a robot? You’ll know the answer to that after you meet Alfred, a somewhat confused robot, and Michi, a well-trained robot. You will learn how to assemble and program a calculator robot and see how other students raced their robots in a giant relay competition.

(Student Classroom Participation in this session is Encouraged!)

Tyson Tuchscherer
Toby Ratcliffe
Michael Britt-Crane
Presented by:
Tyson Tuchscherer, Author, "Calculator-Controlled Robots: Hands-On Mathematics and Science Discovery"
Toby Ratcliffe, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Michael Britt-Crane, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division

Broadband Adoption and Digital Literacy

No community should be left behind in the race for broadband infrastructure, but using and adopting the technology is a separate issue. Schools need to help make sure students have broadband access and technology at home and your community may benefit from Connect to Compete and other programs that offer broadband and PC discounts and free digital literacy training. Find out how in this session.

Civic Responsibility in American Indian Communities

Civic responsibility means protecting the things that a community considers important. Teachers value civic responsibility but may need fresh approaches to teaching it within the curriculum. This program showcases Smithsonian resources related to civic responsibility for the environment as demonstrated by four contemporary American Indian communities. Teachers can lead their students toward applying what they learn from these American Indian communities in order to address environmental problems in their own communities.

College and Career-Ready Standards Implementation

The adoption of internationally-benchmarked college and career-ready standards has had a significant effect on education policy from the Department of Education down to the school district level. A panel will share some in depth information about these effects and will discuss common hurdles and questions associated with these new standards.

Doing What Works

Nobody wants to waste time on unproven instructional practices. This program will feature a website that turns research-based practices into practical tools and resources to improve student achievement. Teachers will be able to use multi-media and tools to make practices come to life – and the content comes from a trusted source, with over 1,000,000 visitors served!

Community of Practice

Communities of practice afford ongoing professional development for those who are at a distance. Virtual communities promote collaboration among teachers and allow the best minds in education to share ideas. This presentation will showcase an active community found at The School Turnaround Learning Community.